My purpose

"It is to enlighten the path of professionals through innovation and technology so that they multiply their possibilities and we live in a more abundant world."

+ 15 Years

growing technology companies in the marketing and advertising industries.

+500 Projects

developed for leading brands, media and agencies in 3 continents.

+ 650% Profitability

in Disruptive Start Ups and crypto & blockchain industry.

Who am I?

  • Entrepreneur obsessed with new technologies and marketing, as well as innovative and scalable business models.
  • Master in Blockchain and Web 3, as well as degrees in Business Science and Market Research and Techniques.
  • CEO of HitsBook Group and Y Innovation Hub.
  • Creador of the podcastWay To The Top”.
  • Crypto Fund Partner Save Cap”.

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    And Innovation Hub helps you exceed your business metrics, solve your pains and meet your challenges through the most innovative marketing and advertising technology companies.

    1. Sensitivity, pains and challenges to be solved are captured.
    2. The pull of the most appropriate technologies is presented.
    3. An action plan, roadmap and timeline are proposed.


    • Do you need strategic support for Growth & Digital Transformation? 
    • Do you want to solve your main pains with innovative and exponential technology?
    • Are you looking for training in your area or company on "martech or innovation"? 
    • Want to discover new trends in your industry?


    • Exponential technology that will change the world. 
    • User Generated Content to improve your brandlove.
    • Achieve your challenges with cutting-edge technology.
    • Discover the marketing trends for the next 10 years.


    I have raised capital from more than 50 investors in the last 5 years. If you are raising capital and need advice or networking, I can help you!

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